The ‘Galerie Christian von Alvensleben’ is pleased to exhibit and offer a selection of Christian von Alvensleben’s photographic works on the world wide web. The photographs on show here date back from today to when the photographer was 18 years old; further images are to follow.

Technical Information:

Analogue colour and black and white films were exposed in the following formats: 24x36mm, 6x7cm and 4x5inch.
The analogue ‘one-shots’ were processed by Recom of Stuttgart-Ostfildern, using the ditone process. Recom digitalised the negatives and the diapositive slides in the highest resolution and prepared them for for the ditone baryt print. Ditone baryt is the closest approximation to the classical half tone print and of museum quality. By applying the activation Recom programmed itself, Recom manages to achieve high resolution colour space compensation. This guarantees optimum quality prints. Recom works for leading artists and major companies. Recom’s references can be found at

In addition, digital data of new individual black and white projects are processed using the REANALOG workflow. REANALOG is the process by which Recom exposes digital data in high resolution microfilm quality (800 lines per cm) on 8 by 10 inch black and white flat film. Recom-Art then produces and develops conventional, analogue gelatin silver prints on classical baryta paper.!/en/qualities/